Installation of RXS

Needed IBM products

The following IBM program products must be installed to install and run RXS:

·       IBM program products TSO, ISPF and REXX

·       IBM compiler "Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 release 4.2" or above

·       IBM language environment (LE) runtime library must be allocated to ISPLLIB in the TSO / ISPF session. (The dataset *.ADCYCLE.LE370.SCEERUN).

·       Executing SQL from RXS requires that IBM program product 'DB2 REXX Language Support' is installed.

·       Executing MQSeries from RXS requires that 'IBM Webspere MQSeries' is installed

Download RXS souce from a ZIP file

Download this ZIP file to your PC 

If unzip is not done automatically, unzip it to another PC-file. 

Allocate a FB-80 dataset on mainframe <user>.rxs.receive.  

XMIT the unzipped file from your PC to the mainframe as binary to dataset <user>.rxs.receive

Now download  this JCL to your PC and XMIT from there to the mainframe (as text). Over here, supply a JOB card, and submit.

Now <user>.xmit.pds2 will contain 5 members: RXS, RXSDO, RXSGEM, RXSPAN and RXSJCL. Use these as indicated in the text below.

The ZIP file contains compressed ebcdic text - accordingly no ebcdic-ascii-conversion problems will interfere. 

RXS:  the REXX part of RXS

On the mainframe, install RXS as a member named 'RXS' in a library allocated to SYSPROC in the TSO/ISPF session.

In the RXS REXX program, near the top of the coding, are some default assignments, which should be changed at installation:

·       sql The name of the DB2 system which RXS is to use as default

·       mq The name of the MQSeries queue manager which RXS is to use as default

·       alloc_clas Allocation 'class' which RXS uses in the automatic allocation of datasets. Assign value 'UNIT' 'STORCLAS' 'DATACLAS' 'MGMTCLAS' or 'VOL'

·       alloc_token Allocation 'name' used by allocation 'class'. Example: If alloc_class = 'STORCLAS' then alloc_token must contain the name of a Storage-class defined at the installation.

It looks like this inside the REXX program RXS:

/* ----------- default values ---------------------------------- */

SQL          = 'TDB2'    /* default DB2-system                   */

MQ           = 'MQTC'    /* default MQSeries queue manager       */


ALLOC_TOKEN  = 'STOR'    /* name of unit, class or vol           */

EBCDIC_CHARSET    = 'DEFAULT' /* mainframe character set         */ 

EBCDIC_CODEPAGE = 'DEFAULT' /* mainframe (EBCDIC) codepage       */

ASCII_CODEPAGE  = 'DEFAULT' /* ASCII (PC) codepage               */

/* ----------- default values ---------------------------------- */


Mainframe codepage and Mainframe character set are normally not changed. When not using american / english character set, character conversion from or to ASCII may be wrong running RXS in batch. In Denmark, EBCDIC_CODEPAGE = '0277', EBCDIC_CHARSET = '0281' and ASCII_CODEPAGE= '0865' give the better results.

The RXS source may be viewed here:   REXX part of RXS 

RXSPAN: the ISPF panel used by RXS

On the mainframe, install RXSPAN as a member named 'RXSPAN' in a library allocated to ISPTLIB in the TSO/ISPF session.

The RXSPAN source may be viewed here:  ISPF panel RXSPAN 

RXSJCL: create the load module used by RXS

On the mainframe, install RXSDO as a member named 'RXSDO' in a COBOL-library.

On the mainframe, install RXSGEM as a member named 'RXSGEM' in the same COBOL-library.

On the mainframe, install RXSJCL as a member named 'RXSJCL' in a CNTL-library. Change name of COBOL-library to the name of the library selected above, and change job-card and libraries according to your installation standard. 'Output load library' must be a library allocated to ISPLLIB in the TSO/ISPF session. Notice that MQSeries module CSQSTUB is added in the link.

Submit the JCL for compile and link.

The RXSDO COBOL source may be viewed here: COBOL source for RXSDO  

The RXSGEM COBOL source may be viewed here: COBOL source for RXSGEM  

The RXSJCL JCL may be viewed here: JCL for compile and link 

Additional allocations

Having made the installation above, it is possible to use RXS as a macro: You may enter ==> RXS as primary command in an 'edit session' on a dataset containing a RXS program, thereby executing the RXS program.

To use RXS programs as TSO commands, the RXS programs must be located in a dataset allocated to the TSO/ISPF session. See the rules in Section 31.

To use RXS programs in background execution using JCL, see the rules in Section 32.

To access PC and LAN files from RXS, notice the allocation of 'workstation agent' in section 28.